US Telehealth facilitates access to American physicians worldwide who can
provide care ranging from emergency consultations to routine check-ups
and scheduled visits with a specialist.

This means that regardless of your location, you can expect virtually the same
level of care you would receive at home.

What is telehealth?

Years ago telehealth amounted to contacting a physician over the phone. Today, it generally refers to consulting with a physician by way of video conferencing. Modern equipment allows the “real time” streaming of video to accompany the transfer of valuable patient data, including x-rays, EKG, acquired images, and vital signs which allow the physician to conduct a TRUE patient assessment.

US Telehealth accesses a network of hundreds of physicians across the most common specialities who can rapidly assess and treat a patient anytime, anywhere.

An interview with our CEO, Dr. Darryl Camp, was recently featured in the magazine International Innovation.

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US Telehealth does telemedicine the right way: Putting patient care first.